Filipp Peresadilo, Data Scientist

//Filipp Peresadilo, Data Scientist
Filipp Peresadilo, Data Scientist 2020-02-25T15:13:25+00:00

Filipp is the first data scientist within Quore Capital. As a data scientist, Filipp is responsible for data-driven innovation in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytical models. Before joining Quore Capital, first as an intern, Filipp did research in the application of machine learning in valuation models during a data science research internship at ABN AMRO.

Filipp finished two bachelor degrees, one in Information Sciences and one in Economics and Finance at the University of Amsterdam. Afterwards, he pursued a masters degree in Information sciences with a focus on computational finance and artificial intelligence. At the University of Amsterdam, he was involved with organising public interviews with international academics and politicians like Mario Draghi and Christine Lagarde.

During his studies he also participated in exchange semesters to study innovation management at McGill University in Canada, the economics and politics of Latin America in Peru, and international relations in China. In addition, he was involved in a research project in West-Papua where he wrote a social investment plan for the cocoa sector.

In his free time he is a devoted rugby player, who also enjoys sailing and traveling to unchartered territories in the world, amongst others to go mountain climbing and summit yet another peak.

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