Martijn Schaaf, Analyst

//Martijn Schaaf, Analyst
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Following the completion of a successful internship, Martijn started in August 2019 as an Analyst at Quore Capital. Prior, Martijn worked as research intern at Rabobank Research and subsequently published a paper on the relationship between the Dutch housing market and news media. This work, published in ESB, is the first research in the Netherlands to find evidence for a relationship between sentiment entailed in Dutch news articles and its housing market.

Martijn holds a double master degree in Corporate Finance and Real Estate Finance (both at the University of Amsterdam), and a bachelor degree in Economics and Finance (University of Amsterdam). Complementary to his bachelor degree, he spent five months studying Finance in Shanghai, China.

During his free time, Martijn enjoys to spend time with his family and friends, play sports (running, squash and tennis) and travel to new destinations.

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