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Quore Capital differentiates itself by its long term partnership, sound and creative judgement, personal engagement and team spirit.

Leading independent corporate finance boutique

  • Quore Capital is one of the leading corporate finance advisory boutiques based in the Netherlands
  • We value our truly independent position
  • Our professional and dedicated team consists of veteran deal makers and young, highly talented personnel

Scope beyond M&A and financing advisory

  • Our services, primarily aimed to fulfill our client’s needs, extend beyond pure M&A and financing (debt & equity) advisory and provide the full suite of corporate finance advice

  • 90% of our business come from repeat clients

Our Approach

We offer our clients the full suite of corporate finance advice, mainly focused on M&A and financing solutions

Focus on best interest of our client

Quore Capital offers independent views:

  • We put our client’s best interest first at all times

  • Our sole focus is on our clients needs

Long-term relationship

A long term relationship forms the basis of our approach and services:

  • Continuity of knowledge exchange
  • Efficient (business development) processes
  • Ensured confidentiality

  • Partnership through aligned interests without compromising independence

Comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of the company

To ensure a comprehensive understanding of the business dynamics, our extensive analysis is built on:

  • Our team’s experience and diverse skills

  • Market research (internal & external)

  • Analysis of output provided by the company’s management systems

  • Frequent interaction with our client

Integrated advice

Our advice goes beyond a one-dimensional financial view and considers the context provided by the business strategy an essential part of the output:

  • Financial analysis and implications

  • (Current) strategy and fundamental principles

  • Corporate Governance and Shareholders structures

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Email us with any questions or inquiries or call +31 (0)20 845 1231. We would be happy to answer your questions and set up a meeting with you.

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